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Category: for parents

  • Ida Moore

    Ida Moore

    Ida Moore. It has been ten long months since my daughter went missing, and every day feels like a struggle. The pain of not knowing where she is or if she is safe is something that no parent should ever have to endure. The search for her has been ongoing, and we have received support […]

  • Keeping track of children's movements

    Keeping track of children’s movements

    Lost and Found is a social project whose main idea is that there should be one place where people, animals, and things can all be found. Keeping track of children’s movements We are starting to work on what we think is a very important matter in addition to looking for finds and losses. We’re talking […]

Find valuable guidance and tips for parents on our platform. Discover resources to support your parenting journey with expert insights. Nurture healthy relationships and effective communication with your children.

For Parents: Expert Guidance

Home Safety Measures: Childproofing spaces to minimize risks and accidents.

Childproofing Basics

Safety Essentials: Installing gates, locks, covers, and securing potentially hazardous items.

Digital Safety for Kids

Navigating the Online World: Ensuring safe internet usage for children’s protection.

Parental Controls

Digital Boundaries: Implementing content filters, monitoring, and setting screen time limits.

Teaching Personal Safety

Stranger Danger: Empowering children with knowledge to recognize and respond to potential risks.

Body Autonomy

Respecting Boundaries: Teaching children about personal space and consent.

Emergency Preparedness

Action Plans: Equipping kids with knowledge on emergency procedures, contacts, and safe havens.

Fire and Evacuation Drills

Safety Practices: Regularly practicing fire drills and evacuation plans with children.

Healthy Communication

Open Dialogues: Encouraging children to share concerns, fears, and questions openly.

Recognizing Signs

Vigilance: Identifying behavioral changes that could indicate discomfort or danger.

Bullying Prevention

Building Resilience: Teaching children about bullying, empathy, and seeking help.

Peer Relationships

Healthy Dynamics: Nurturing positive friendships and addressing conflicts constructively.

Encouraging Safe Play

Outdoor Adventures: Ensuring children explore while adhering to safety rules.

Sport and Recreation Safety

Injury Prevention: Equipping kids with appropriate safety gear for various activities.


Empower your children with knowledge, protection, and open communication for a safer future.