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Category: for war and disaster victims

  • Missing children in Ukraine

    Missing children in Ukraine

    Since the Russian Federation began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, there have been a lot of crimes against civilians. According to preliminary information from the National Information Bureau, which helps find missing, kidnapped, and illegally deported Ukrainians, more than 13,000 children were illegally taken from the occupied territories, and 330 of them are still missing. […]

  • Military


    More than 15,000 Ukrainians have gone missing as a result of the Russian Federation’s full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, including both military and civilian people. According to government reports, about 4,000 Ukrainian military personnel are currently detained. Military personnel who cease communicating with their family members during the war for a variety of reasons are […]

  • News Turkey

    News Turkey

    News Turkey. Turkey is reeling from the aftermath of the country’s most catastrophic earthquake in its history. A huge 7.9 magnitude earthquake along the Turkish-Syrian border was felt in Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel. According to some seismologists, this earthquake is the most powerful in Turkey since the Erzincan earthquake in 1939 in terms of […]

Support programs offer hope and assistance for war and disaster victims. Providing relief, resources, and rebuilding opportunities for those affected. Empowering survivors to heal and rebuild their lives resiliently.

For War and Disaster Victims: Essential Assistance

  1. Emergency Relief: Providing immediate aid, including shelter, food, and medical care.
  2. Psychosocial Support: Therapies aid emotional healing and mental well-being.
  3. Rehabilitation Programs: Skills training for self-sufficiency and reintegration.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

  1. Livelihood Restoration: Initiatives to help victims regain economic stability.
  2. Community Rebuilding: Collaborative efforts to reconstruct and strengthen communities.
  3. Education Opportunities: Supporting access to education for affected individuals.

Urgent Humanitarian Assistance

Immediate Response: Providing essential aid – food, shelter, medical care – to victims.

Psycho-Social Support

Healing Wounds: Addressing emotional trauma, offering counseling, mental health services.

Long-Term Rehabilitation

Rebuilding Lives: Empowering victims to regain independence, rebuild communities.

Education and Livelihood

Empowerment Through Learning: Education and vocational training for sustainable futures.

Conflict Resolution and Peace Building

Breaking the Cycle: Engaging in dialogue, fostering understanding, promoting lasting peace.

Supporting Vulnerable Groups

Special Attention: Assisting vulnerable demographics like children, women, and elderly.

International Cooperation

Global Solidarity: Collaborating across borders to provide comprehensive aid and solutions.

Humanitarian Organizations

Vital Support: Non-governmental organizations and relief agencies providing on-ground assistance.


Amidst the aftermath of war and disaster, our collective efforts can offer victims a chance to rebuild their lives.