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Tag: abuse

  • Child sexual abuse

    Child sexual abuse: the suffering untold

    Child abuse sadly prevails globally, encompassing physical, emotional, and economic violations. Defined by WHO, child abuse involves physical or emotional ill-treatment, exploitation, or neglect causing harm. Child sexual abuse (CSA) entails child involvement in incomprehensible sexual activities, violating consent and societal norms. Awareness gaps exist in developing countries, like India, amplifying vulnerability. Globalization, urbanization, and […]

Abuse is a grave violation of trust and well-being. It can occur in various forms, including physical, emotional, and sexual.

Abuse, Unmasking the Dark Reality

Abusers exploit power dynamics, inflicting harm on vulnerable individuals. Recognizing signs and seeking support is crucial for victims. Law enforcement and support organizations work to combat abuse. Prevention and education empower individuals to protect themselves from abuse. Healing from abuse requires therapeutic intervention and support networks. Raising awareness and breaking the silence are vital steps. Society’s united efforts can help prevent and address abuse.