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Category: for sexual slavery victims

  • Sexual Trafficking

    Combating Sexual Trafficking: Our Commitment to Change

    Addressing the issue of sexual trafficking is crucial for creating a safer and more just society. That’s a very important initiative our nonprofit organization is Nfound.   Combating Sexual Trafficking: Our Commitment to Change At Nfound, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on society.  And that includes tackling the pressing issue of sexual […]

  • Child sexual abuse

    Child sexual abuse: the suffering untold

    Child abuse sadly prevails globally, encompassing physical, emotional, and economic violations. Defined by WHO, child abuse involves physical or emotional ill-treatment, exploitation, or neglect causing harm. Child sexual abuse (CSA) entails child involvement in incomprehensible sexual activities, violating consent and societal norms. Awareness gaps exist in developing countries, like India, amplifying vulnerability. Globalization, urbanization, and […]

  • Sexual slavery

    Sexual slavery

    Today, the problem of sexual slavery in America is a global issue, so we decided to use the Lost and Found app to help people in tough situations. One of the most common forms of modern slavery in the United States is sexual exploitation. It is important that modern society is aware of this major […]

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For Sexual Slavery Victims: Essential Support

  1. Trauma Recovery: Comprehensive programs aid survivors in healing from trauma.
  2. Legal Advocacy: Empowering victims through legal assistance and justice efforts.
  3. Psychological Rehabilitation: Therapies address psychological scars, nurturing mental well-being.

Reintegration into Society

  1. Skill Development: Equipping survivors with vocational skills for self-sufficiency.
  2. Community Reintegration: Support networks help survivors rebuild their lives positively.
  3. Awareness Campaigns: Advocacy raises awareness, aiding prevention and support.