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Category: Company news

  • Saving Lives in Palestine: How the SOS Service Can Help During Bombardments

    Israel continues its military operation in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army is currently storming the administrative center of the enclave and bombing and destroying suburbs of the city. Ground invasion groups are supported by artillery units, naval crews, and aircraft. With bombs and projectiles, they are eliminating Gaza’s infrastructure in different parts of the […]

  • |by NFound | Company news

    Nfound announces important events in September

    Nfound announces important events in September. Namely updates in the application: audio and video calls, as well as GPS tracking service! During the month of September our development team has been actively working on improving the nfound application. And we are glad to present you a number of significant updates. These will greatly improve your […]

  • Missing People

    Missing People – Captivating Nonprofit Organizations to Search Efforts

    Missing People. With the emergence of technological solutions capable of offering support in challenging situations like missing persons cases, nonprofit organizations engaged in search efforts are finding new tools for their crucial work. The ability to locate missing individuals using modern technology becomes more accessible through the nfound app. Missing People, Aid in Times of […]

  • chat
    |by NFound | Company news

    NFound – chat

    As of now, the app has a chat feature for communicating and sharing information. We tried to make it as simple and short as possible, with a useful set of functions that make communication easy even from a smartphone. Chatting is a convenient way for registered users to talk to each other. In our case, […]

  • Development stages
    |by NFound | Company news

    Development stages

    We previously reported on the Lost and Found development stages. We’ve tested the product to make sure it works well and is of good quality As a result, you can now download the app from the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android. At this point, the main functions are available. Now the […]

  • Psychologists and volunteers in the team

    Psychologists and volunteers. We are working to make sure that people who are in a stressful or difficult situation or who have a problem can get psychological help. In this case, we are talking about getting volunteer psychologists to join our team. It’s important to get advice from experts on how to help people who […]

  • sponsorship
    |by NFound | Company news


    Lost and Found is a social, non-commercial project for finding missing people, pets and items. Our primary areas of focus are organizing and comprehensive search support. Today, for example, a large number of children and teenagers go missing in the United States. We plan to cooperate with many public organizations. We plan to cooperate with […]

  • The app's current state
    |by NFound | Company news

    The app’s current state

    The app’s current state. We’re happy to announce that the Lost and Found application is almost ready to go live. Our staff has worked tirelessly to provide not only a high-quality resource for finding lost and found, but also a one that is as user-friendly as possible. At this point, the most important changes to […]

  • Keeping track of children's movements

    Keeping track of children’s movements

    Lost and Found is a social project whose main idea is that there should be one place where people, animals, and things can all be found. Keeping track of children’s movements We are starting to work on what we think is a very important matter in addition to looking for finds and losses. We’re talking […]

Stay informed with the latest company news, keeping you updated on recent developments, achievements, and innovations.

Company News Highlights

  1. Expansion Endeavors: The company is excited to announce its plans for expanding into new markets, aiming to reach a broader audience with its products and services.
  2. Innovation Showcase: A recent product launch has garnered attention for its innovative features, showcasing the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.
  3. Employee Recognition: The company takes pride in celebrating its employees’ achievements, recently awarding several team members for their exceptional contributions.

Financial Milestones

  1. Revenue Growth: The company reports impressive financial results, highlighting substantial revenue growth over the past quarter.
  2. Strategic Partnerships: Strengthening its industry presence, the company has formed strategic partnerships with key players, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.
  3. Investor Confidence: Positive market reception has led to increased investor confidence, as the company’s stock experiences a notable upswing.


A Glimpse into Future Plans

Expanding Product Line: Anticipate exciting additions to the product line, as the company focuses on diversification and catering to evolving consumer preferences. Community Initiatives: In the pipeline are community-focused projects, reflecting the company’s commitment to social responsibility and giving back.


With this roundup of company news, you’re now up to date on the latest developments shaping our journey forward.