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News Turkey

News Turkey

News Turkey. Turkey is reeling from the aftermath of the country’s most catastrophic earthquake in its history. A huge 7.9 magnitude earthquake along the Turkish-Syrian border was felt in Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

According to some seismologists, this earthquake is the most powerful in Turkey since the Erzincan earthquake in 1939 in terms of the number of victims.

More than 48,000 people have died in Turkey as a result of the disaster, and over 8,500 people have died in Syria. In total, almost 15 million people were affected, accounting for one in every six Turkish citizens. In addition to human casualties, thousands of buildings were destroyed around the country, as well as highways, a pipeline, and an airport.

Thousands of people remained under the wreckage when the buildings crumbled like sand castles and folded like houses of cards, and their prospects of survival are dwindling due to the winter cold; as a result, search and rescue efforts and labor to clear the rubble continue. The actual number of deaths is projected to more than double.

News Turkey

Around the country, blood donation centers have been established. Charity foundations and organizations from many countries throughout the world assist afflicted people by collecting humanitarian aid, donations, and so on.

We would want to give the Turkish people our assistance in locating missing persons. We are already working to make it possible to utilize our resource to search for a missing person or locate information on loved ones, increasing the odds of finding each other because any information may be vital and useful.