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Nfound announces important events in September

Nfound announces important events in September. Namely updates in the application: audio and video calls, as well as GPS tracking service!

During the month of September our development team has been actively working on improving the nfound application. And we are glad to present you a number of significant updates. These will greatly improve your communication and tracking capabilities.


Nfound announces important events

Audio and video calls.
You will now be able to communicate with other users of the app via audio and video calls! This will make your communication more immediate and effective. Whether you are looking for something or have already found it, you will be able to share important information in real time, making the search and communication process even more convenient.

GPS tracking service.
Our new GPS tracking service provides unique features for users. You can now create groups and easily track the movements of everyone in the group. For families, for example, this means that parents can always be aware of their children’s location and movements in real time. For travel groups, it provides security and reassurance by allowing you to see where everyone is in unfamiliar terrain.

These updates reinforce our commitment to making Nfound the best tool for finding and communicating. We hope these new features will make your experience using the app even more satisfying and rewarding.

Join the community and experience all the new features we are bringing to you!

Our goal is to create innovative solutions that help people find and stay connected to what matters to them.

For press:
For more information, contact our press officer: phones 916999LOST 91N91FOUND, email: [email protected]
Address: Nfound Samaritan Project 3517 Marconi Ave. Ste. 107 Sacramento, CA. 95821

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