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The app’s current state

The app's current state

The app’s current state. We’re happy to announce that the Lost and Found application is almost ready to go live. Our staff has worked tirelessly to provide not only a high-quality resource for finding lost and found, but also a one that is as user-friendly as possible.

At this point, the most important changes to the app are those that make it easier and faster to match data when looking for lost and found.

On the “Search History” tab, for example, there is an interactive map that shows where and when they saw the loss. The mark has information about the date, the time, the place, and the person who left it. The person who wrote the post or a member of our staff will be able to write to this user.

The app’s current state.

At the end of the refinement process, there is a place for manually docking data on loss and found. So, for example, a volunteer in the “Found” section might find something that fits the “Lost” post. So, you need to write “Suggest to the search post” on the “Found” post card. When you click on this link, you can choose a post from the “Lost” section that has already been posted.

The Lost and Found project is a social project, and we plan to work with volunteers who will keep track of information and help people find people, things and pets they’ve lost.

Our goal is to give our users the best and fastest search possible. We focus on operational search because we know that time is important when it comes to finding people or pets. The information in the app will be shown in real time.