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Updates on the app’s progress


Updates on the app’s progress. Now, we are working to make sure that each user has their own account in the program and that their search history is saved so that it is easy to keep track of the data.

More information on the search history, which we mentioned previously, may be found here.
Our app is now available for download on Google Play.

At this time, the App Store has discovered an issue with iOS versions 15 and higher. As a result, iPhone users can not create posts.

Updates on the app’s progress

We’re aware of the problem, we’re fixing the issues we found, and we’ll let users know when they can download the correct version of the app.

Troubleshooting is a systematic approach to resolving a problem. The goal of troubleshooting is to figure out why something isn’t working and how to fix it.
Our primary task is to provide people with the most simple and user-friendly tool for finding lost and found.

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