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|by NFound |

NFound – chat


As of now, the app has a chat feature for communicating and sharing information. We tried to make it as simple and short as possible, with a useful set of functions that make communication easy even from a smartphone.

Chatting is a convenient way for registered users to talk to each other.

In our case, every user of the app can send and receive text and voice messages, photos and videos, and use emoticons to show how they feel.

With the help of the chat, the user will always have access to the history of their conversations and the security of their personal information.


At the same time, we think it’s important to point out that our app’s main goal is to find lost people, pets, and things. We take the posting of information on our platform very seriously, so the moderators keep a close eye on how people are following the rules and take action when needed.

So, any information about child porn, violence, drugs, or anything else that might shock people will be deleted right away.

Users can contact technical support if they get spam or threats in private messages. Moderators will also delete these kinds of messages.