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More than 15,000 Ukrainians have gone missing as a result of the Russian Federation’s full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, including both military and civilian people. According to government reports, about 4,000 Ukrainian military personnel are currently detained.

Military personnel who cease communicating with their family members during the war for a variety of reasons are regarded as missing if their whereabouts are unknown.

Ukrainians are losing touch with family and friends in the occupied territory because of heavy fighting, bombing, or evacuation. No one knows what will happen to them, but everyone hopes that the people they love are still alive or at least have been caught. Relatives are anxiously attempting to find out anything they can about them.

In case there is information about the missing person, family members search on their own using social networks, chatbots, and other tools that could help.

During the search, you must be cautious, remain calm, and act consistently.

We are ready to help people looking for family and friends, as well as volunteers and people who work for human rights, by giving them information and emotional support.

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