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Voice and video calls

voice and video calls

Our app now supports voice and video calls.

Every registered user can now communicate in real time.

If we are talking about the loss of people or pets, then time plays a key role in the search, so the timely exchange of information is very important.

Thanks to the audio and video functions, the user can immediately share information about the find.
So, if you noticed a post about a lost pet on our app and found a similar lonely animal on the street, you can contact the author of the post by voice call or show him the pet via video call.

Voice and video calls

This possibility, in our opinion, can greatly speed up the search for the loss.

Please keep in mind that if you receive abusive, sexual, or discriminatory calls, you should immediately report them to technical support. Our application’s moderators respond to the information received and block violators without the chance of re-authorization.




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