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Finding Items

Sometimes people lose or find things. Lost and Found is a versatile application. This is a social project that was created to help people find things they have lost or found. It will take a minimum of time to put in an application. How well the search works depends on how much detail is given about the information.

People lose or find glasses, umbrellas, bags, and jewelry all the time. Sometimes the loss is more valuable than the object itself, like when a memory is lost along with it. Losing important documents or a phone, which requires time and money to fix, is just as bad.

Through a street ad or a social network, you might be able to find the owner of something you lost or found. However, this doesn't always work.

The main idea of Lost and Found is a place where lost and found things come together. The application was created and implemented for the most easy and convenient use. To do this, just post an ad with the city, contact information, and any other important details, or try to find it based on the signs of the find.

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